Praline Truffles - Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt

Praline Truffles - Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt

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100% Natural, Gluten Free

The taste of pure decadence. Made with rich single estate milk chocolate, freshly roasted hazelnuts and a pinch of Cornish Sea Salt, they are dipped in chocolate and dusted with cocoa powder.

We make everything ourselves, not just the nutty Sur del Lago chocolate. So, we roast the hazelnuts to capture their flavour at its freshly roasted peak and press the cocoa powder on our beautiful old Spanish cocoa butter press.

Everything is totally natural, with no artificial anything.

Milk chocolate cocoa solids: 44% minimum. Milk solids: 21% minimum.
Ingredients: HAZELNUTS 25%, cocoa mass, raw cane sugar, MILK powder, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, HAZELNUT oil 1%, sea salt 0.1%