San Agustin - 88% Single Estate Dark Chocolate Bar

San Agustin - 88% Single Estate Dark Chocolate Bar

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Vegan -100% Natural – Gluten Free - 80g

I discovered these beautiful Trinitario beans in the ancient San Agustin District, in the foothills of the Colombian Massifs. Go with them on a journey of flavour, their soft notes of dark cherries and damsons plums dancing through the depths.

With 88% cacao this is a delicious low sugar chocolate.

All my chocolate is craft made in small batches from ‘bean to bar’ to capture the mind-blowingly different flavours of the world’s great single estate cacaos. This takes up to 21 days at low temperatures compared to industrial chocolate which is made in a few hours.

This chocolate is 100% natural containing simply cacao, raw cane sugar and natural cacao butter – No vanilla or soya lecithin – to hide the beautiful flavour of the beans.

100% Natural – Pure Flavours – Pure Pleasure