The 1000 Most-Asked Gardening Questions

The 1000 Most-Asked Gardening Questions

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Drawing on her years of experience in gardening, former panellist and researcher for the BBC’s Gardeners Question Time Daphne Ledward has answered them all. From knowing how to identify your soil type, the finer points of pruning and propagation, and seeds versus seedlings; to the thorny problems of dealing with chronic pests and diseases, and finding plants for difficult places, this book is the answer to all of the most frequently asked gardening questions.

Get the most out of your garden, big or small, and discover answers to common issues such as:

– what type of soil is best for your garden
– how to select the best plants, vegetables and herbs according to your space
– how to get your plants through a difficult winter
– how to best care for your plants, be it bulbs, roses, vegetables or even your lawn
– how to make your own compost

Hardcover / ISBN-13: 9780753735039