The Crystal Healer

The Crystal Healer

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Beautiful and mysterious, crystals have been used for thousands of years for decoration, adornment, protection and healing, but they are so much more than beautiful objects. When crystals are formed, tremendous heat and pressure arranges their molecules into a regular pattern and this sacred geometry is what gives crystals their unique ability to absorb, store, generate and transmit energy. Working with crystals can therefore help us amplify, direct and balance the flow of our life-force in our bodies and surroundings.

The Crystal Healer is your introduction to everything you need to know to get started with crystals so that you can benefit from the gentle natural healing properties of crystals.

Discover 20 practical exercises to use crystals to improve your health, balance your emotions and find peace and harmony. Learn how to:
– Choose and care for crystals, from selecting crystals for the colours, shapes and properties that best suit your needs to cleansing your crystals between uses
– Connect with your chakras, helping you to balance and heal your chakras and connect with and heal specific parts of your body,
– Promote physical wellbeing with exercises that help with pain relief, clearing nasal congestions, soothing sore throats, improving digestion, addressing hormonal imbalances, strengthening immune systems, improving sleep and detoxifying the body
– Regulate your emotions with exercises that ease stress, combat anxiety and depression, release fears and phobias, push out anger and draw in forgiveness, clear brain fog and ease heartache
– Reach for spiritual harmony by using crystals to enhance your intuition, guide your meditations and improve your ability to recall and decode your dreams

Hardcover / ISBN-13: 9780753734629