Veggie & Vegan London

Veggie & Vegan London

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Is it a scene? Is it a trend? Or is it a timeless lifestyle? So many of us are either flirting with or diving head first into vegetarianism and veganism, making it today’s the fastest growing lifestyle movement. Could there be a better home for all this than London, where so many cultural changes have started?

Vegan and vegetarian restaurants are now a major movement in the capital. These new meat free eateries are a far cry from the brown mush cuisine of the past, and are now offering some of the best food to be found in the city. So regardless of whether you’re a lifelong vegan, a newcomer, a Flexi or just a tad curious – this book will help you discover a world of new flavours.

We’ve left no leaf unturned – all London’s major vegetarian and vegan restaurants are included, as well the best shops, markets traders and service providers that are making a stand against the use of animal products. The detailed reviews are accompanied with great pictures, clear information and colourfully illustrated maps, making this new book an essential pocket-sized passport to vegetarian and vegan London.

Author: Edward Prendeville

ISBN: 978-1-902910-73-4