Wax Wrap Large
Wax Wrap Large

Wax Wrap Large

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One - 48x55cm      A great size for bakers, cooks, and busy families.

Designed to keep that homemade loaf fresh and also good to cover the proving bowl.

These XL wraps are versatile and will easily cover a large casserole dish or salad platter. Great also for cakes, cauliflower and melons.

Handmade from soft organic cotton and printed with organic dyes. Infused with ethically sourced bees wax, damar tree resin and organic jojoba oil. As a handmade product slight variation may occur in size, colour, and texture but this is all part of their natural beauty.

GoodToBee Food Wraps help preserve your food without plastic, are easy to clean and are simply a joy to use. The average family wastes on average £700 of food a year and uses over 2000 sq. ft of single use plastic.